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Vape pen parts and functionality

There are a variety of vape pen models to choose from on the market. Some are designed to vape flower, whereas others are used to vape concentrates. Though functionality may set them apart, all of them have standard vape pen parts that include a lithium battery and an atomizer (heating element). The battery heats up the atomizer, which heats the cannabis, and turns it into vapor for inhalation.

Vape pen hardware can differ, in that some models are button operated and some function without the button that are activated simply by inhalation. The most versatile types have a temperature regulator that the operator can use to turn the heat up or down on the device. If you have a button model you will need to push the button five times to turn it on or ‘unlock’ it. Pressing the button five times again will ‘lock’ the battery so it doesn’t heat up in your pocket. On some vape pens, pushing the button three times will change the temperature from low to medium to high.

There are many, many different types of vape pen batteries that have varying functionalities. There’s also a large disposable vape selection to choose from with pre-filled hardware, that includes the battery, the cartridge and the cannabis oil all in a one piece device. Usually, you can expect about 150 puffs from a .5 gram capacity vape pen before it needs to be recycled.

Since there aren’t too many working parts of a vape pen, when something goes wrong, it’s fairly easy to diagnose and fix.

No heat, no vape, no dice.

We’ve all been there, you connect the fresh vape cart to your vape battery, push the button, and inhale and nothing happens. No heat, no vape, no dice. Luckily, there’s a simple fix to most vape pen problems.

  • Make sure your battery is charged. Manufacturers recommend charging for no more than 1.5 hours. Overcharging can degrade the life of the battery.

  • Next look at the connector end of the vape battery. Sometimes the head of the atomizer gets pushed down and doesn’t form a solid connection with the cartridge connection to the battery.


  • Use a paperclip to gently lift the head of the atomizer so that it can get close enough to heat up the concentrate or flower.

  • Be careful not to pull out the internals of the vape cartridge. You only want to lift the metal connector 1-2 millimeters. Typically this will allow the vape cartridge to make a renewed connection to the battery and smoking will commence once again. Hooray!

Treating your vape pen right

As with most things in life, if you take care of your vape pen it will be there for you when you need it and have a longer life overall. What does vape pen care and maintenance look like?

  • Store upright

  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from moisture

  • Avoid hot cars

  • Avoid cold temps for disposable vapes which can reduce battery life

  • Keep battery base clean

These tips are important because vape pen hardware is still in a very experimental stage as it is a relatively new technology. Often times, when a vape cartridge gets hot in a car cup-holder or center console, the oil will become much thinner in consistency and the oil inside the cartridge will leak out of the cartridge, into the micro-airways of the vape cartridge and ultimately down into the battery connection area causing a total malfunction of the vape pen. If that happens, it is possible to clean it out and get your vape pen working again.


It’s easy to clean your vape pen battery base and you’ll want to do it preventative before residue builds up and interferes with the connectivity between the battery and the cart.

With a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol, use a circular action to remove any build up of oils from the heating element. Make sure you are holding your battery upside down to avoid having the alcohol drip into the base which can cause problems with the internal electronics of the device.

With a little knowledge and effort, you can keep your vape pen in good working order. Understanding how your vape pen works will help you troubleshoot any issues. While proper storage and cleaning will extend the life of the device.

Vape Pen Parts, Maintenance, and Storage

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