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Live Resin & Full Spectrum: Why they’re better


Live Resin is a Superior Cannabis Concentrate

The cannabis dispensary offers a selection of cannabis concentrates that can stupify the novice cannabis user. Understanding that there are differences in quality and composition is the first step toward finding the ideal product. In addition to the common concentrates that litter the shelves at most dispensaries, there are also live resin and full spectrum products that should be the focus of your attention.

Common concentrates can end up being an inferior product because the extraction process used in the formulation typically requires a dry plant product. Many of the terpenes and therapeutic cannabis compounds can be destroyed by the drying process. Secondly, many are extracted using solvents that can be harmful to the human system.

It’s all in the Extraction

The thing that sets live cannabis concentrate products apart is that they go through an extraction process that maintains the integrity of the terpenes and cannabinoid profiles of the live plant. Keeping the plant structure intact is a benefit to the consumer who seeks therapeutic results.

Live resin originated in Colorado and is known for its high terpene levels and strong aroma. The extraction process it goes through involves frozen fresh bud and very low processing temperature. This technique leaves the terpenes behind so that they can interact with the rest of the cannabinoids to provide a much richer experience overall.

Live resin comes in a variety of different product types related to their viscidity. Sauces, saps, butters, waxes, and shatter are examples of live resin products that can be found at the dispensary for vaping or smoking. Even though live resin has the capacity to maintain the terpene profile of the cannabis plant, it is only as good as the marijuana it begins with. In addition, some live resins isolate particular terpenes while letting the rest go to waste to achieve a particular outcome.

Full Spectrum Live Resin Products for the Win

A subset of live resins is full spectrum products that contain all of the terpenes and cannabinoids the plant has to offer. Full spectrum products have been extracted from the raw trichome of the cannabis plant. The trichome is where the terpenes and cannabinoids reside and utilizing it in its raw form maintains the whole plant structure. The full spectrum process separates the cannabis compounds from fats and lipids leaving behind a super clean medicinal arsenal of intact compounds.

Some full spectrum products have been produced out of dry plant material which can result in the loss of some of the terpenes. These products will be labeled “whole plant full spectrum” and aren’t to be confused with the live resin full spectrum concentrates.

Understanding that cannabis concentrates go through different extraction processes to make it to market is the initial step to knowing what to look for at the local dispensary. Finding products that celebrate the cannabis plant in its entirety is the goal. These will be labeled with the words live resin or full spectrum and your budtender is always available to explain the nuances of each, so reach out to them for guidance.  

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